Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that be used after connecting it with the Alexa App installed on iPhone, Android Phones, Tablets, Amazon Kindle, Mac, Chrome Book or Computers, etc. Users can connect their Echo smart device with Bluetooth and other smart gadgets they have at their place. They can also use Amazon Echo as an external Bluetooth speaker. The Echo Auto setup is mandatory for you to Setup your Echo device. Only after that, Echo will listen to your voice commands and will start to automate the functions and tasks given by you



  • First of all, place the Echo Auto on the dashboard near the vent mount where you can see its light bar easily.
  • Insert the power adapter in the cigarette lighter port of your car. You can also use the inbuilt USB port of your car (if it is available). We advise you to Connect the Echo Auto to the port via micro USB cable.
  • Therefore, Turn on your car and enable Bluetooth on your Smart Phone and set your car’s stereo in Bluetooth or aux. If your car speaker doesn’t support Bluetooth music streaming for Echo Auto setup. Then you can use it using an auxiliary cable to connect Echo Auto to the speaker.
  • When you turn on the car, a blue light will appear on the light bar. After a few seconds. Echo Auto will say “Hello, let’s get rolling. You can safely do so. Go to your Alexa app and add a new device”. Now, the blue light will go off and an orange light will start to sweep down on the light bar.
  • Go to the Alexa app, if you don’t have that then download it. Tap on the device icon on the right-bottom of the mobile screen. Then tap on the plus option. Tap on ‘Add Device’, then select the device ‘Amazon Echo’ and then ‘Echo Auto’.
  • A Wi-Fi search will start over and the name of the Echo Auto will appear on the Wi-Fi device list on your mobile screen. Select that.